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Kismet (Rue)
Reilloc (Retsin)
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<Business Casual> operates a 25 person Ventrillo server for guild voice chat use.

Port: 3809
Password: casual 

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May the FUN be with you!
Welcome to the official guild website of <Business Casual>!  We are a SWTOR Republic guild on the Mask of Nihilus server.  Business Casual was founded by MMO veterans who believe a great guild is one where you can actively participate in content with your guild while having fun. We want to create an active community of diverse people who will help each other as we progress through the TOR universe at our own pace.
Business Casual Guild News

Biz Cas: Going on Hiatus

Reilloc, Apr 18, 12 2:06 AM.
We started <Business Casual> late last year with high expectations both for SWTOR and the guild.  In the first few months after release, the guild and its members met and exceeded all those expectations.  Unfortunately, the game itself failed to deliver on the experience that many of us were looking forward to.

The end result was that although we brought it almost 200 guilded characters to the guild, most of the people behind those characters got bored, moved on, let their subscriptions lapse, or just went back to whatever game they were playing before.

Meanwhile, the guild was trying to serve two masters: trying to appeal to both folks who wanted to progress at high speed through new content and those who wanted to take their own sweet time and enjoy the experience.  This led to some rifts and cliques within the guild, which in the end left us fragmented and heading in two directions.

So, we come to our current situation.  Most of the active players in the guild have moved out of SWTOR or left the guild.  The population on the server is fairly low and doesn't seem to be growing, making recruitment very difficult.  Thus, effective immediately, the leadership of BizCas has decided to suspend guild operations.

We aren't going to disband: if you have characters in the guild and you want to leave them there, that's fine.  However, we will not be doing any organized official guild activities.  That means no PVP night, no operations, etc.  For folks who want to move on to other guilds, we totally understand and we wish you the best.  For folks looking for a "casual" guild experience with the potential for raiding, allow us to recommend <Wookie Tango Foxtrot> as a potential new guild home.  Folks who are interested in joining WTF should contact Jacks in game.

The guild website and ventrillo will be discontinued at the end of the month (April).  The website will continue to exist in an archived format, but the "free" version of Guild Portal hosting strictly limits new posts.

To all the past and current members of <Business Casual>, the founders (myself, Rue, and Akillis) thank for for the fun you have provided over the last few months.  We wish you all the best in the future in whatever guild or games you play!



Patch 1.2 Trailer - Coming Soon

Reilloc, Mar 5, 12 1:25 PM.

PTR Import for Patch 1.2 testing!?!?

Reilloc, Mar 4, 12 3:34 PM.
If anyone in the guild wants to sign up to get your character copied onto the Public Test Realm for testing patch 1.2, there is a limited opportunity for us to submit a request to have that happen.

You can find all the details here.

We need to submit at least 8 names and we need to get them in as soon as possible.  As of this moment, I only have SIX people who have completed the needed steps.

If you are interested, please act quickly.

Jhess joins the "max level" club

Reilloc, Feb 26, 12 2:57 PM.

Congratulations to Jhess, whose journey to 50 has been filled with twists, turns, and some computer-related delays!

Nightmare Soa DEAD - Tier 1 Cleared!

Reilloc, Feb 23, 12 11:58 AM.
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Business Casual is looking for mature, fun people to join our ranks. We believe that the player behind the keyboard is more important than the pixels that compose the character and that one's personality should always be considered before class, gear, and l33t sk1llz.  Recruitment is open on the following classes:

         Jedi Consular
        - Jedi Sage: OPEN
        - Jedi Shadow: OPEN
         Jedi Knight
        - Gedi Guardian: OPEN
        - Jedi Sentinel: OPEN
        - Gunslinger: OPEN
        - Scoundrel: OPEN
        - Commando: OPEN
        - Vanguard: OPEN

To join the guild (or get website access if you are already a member, click the JOIN BUSINESS CASUAL link at the top of the page.
Eternity Vault - Normal (5/5)
Karagga's Palace - Normal (5/5)
Eternity Vault - Hard (5/5)
Karagga's Palace - Hard (5/5)
Eternity Vault - Nightmare (5/5)
Karagga's Palace - Nightmare (5/5)
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